DIY YouTuber-Inspired Projects – Grace Helbig

     I have been a fan of Grace Helbig’s videos for a few years and I especially like her DIY videos that come out sporadically. Grace’s DIYs include t-shirts, room decor, and gifts for others. The “I’m fine” tissue box is one of the project in a video Grace has in her 2016 “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” video. She describes in the video how the tissue box could make a great gift for a friend and how simple it is to make it. All you need for the project is a cardboard tissue box cover, small mirrors, stick-on letters, and a hot glue gun. You simply apply the mirrors in a random way on the cover, place the letters on a side and place the cover over a regular box of tissues.

     To continue the theme of Grace Helbig DIYs, I purchased a few random pieces from the craft aisles of Jo-Ann Fabrics and Target. Her collection of videos offer multiple phrases that are perfect to place on the projects I will mention. Additionally, you can use words or phrases that you are inspired by, maybe another YouTuber, and apply them to the following ideas.

     The first items I am using are small canvases and easels from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I already owned the Sharpie pens that come in a metallic pack. I wrote  the phrases on the canvas with small accents around the words. You can also paint the words or images on these canvases. They make a great gift idea for those you are stumped on what to get.

     At Target, they have wooden feathers in their aisle with other craft items you can paint and write on. For this idea, I wrote the saying in pencil first and then fill in with Sharpie or paint. You can hang the feather up on the wall or place the feather by other small objects.

     Want to see another YouTuber-Inspired DIY? Mention them below and if you try these Grace Helbig – Inspired DIYs, @largeandmatte in the photos and make sure to watch Grace’s videos at


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