DIY Pom Pom Wreath

Pom poms are fun accents that are great to add to a DIY project. You can buy a pom pom maker if you want, but it is simple to make your own with a few supplies. This project idea started when I found an article that shows how easy it is to make your own yarn pom poms. Here is how to make a DIY pom pom wreath.


Supplies you’ll need for this DIY project


To begin, I created multiple pom poms with three different colors of yarn (black, white, and gray). To start, I followed the instruction in the link I mention above. Staple two paper towel rolls together to create the medium/large sized pom poms. I wrapped yarn 100 times around the rolls for each pom pom. Slide the completed bundle of yarn off the rolls, tie a long piece of yarn down the middle, and cut the sides of the yarn bundle. Trim the yarn ball to shape it, but keep the long piece of yarn in the center.


To make the wreath, take the long strands on each individual pom pom and tie them to the circular ring shape of your choice. Hot glue is also an option if you’d prefer. To hang the wreath, simply tie a long piece of yarn to the back of the circular ring.


There are a few other wall decoration ideas I saw from DIY blogs that you could try with any leftover yarn you have. You can create a backdrop of pom poms or you can make a whole new idea like a yarn string banner. Switch out the circular ring with a wooden rod and tie the yarn and/or pom poms to the rod.

Tag @largeandmatte if you try it out this idea. Thanks for reading and good luck on your future DIYs! 


DIY Pinterest Flop – Painted Rock Cacti

     Small plants and succulents are one way to add some small, low-maintenance greenery to a space in your home. Due to my lack of a green thumb, small plants still aren’t the best option for me. The idea for painted rock cacti on Pinterest seems interesting and thought it would be a creative solution to my problem. Here is my attempt at this idea.


For this project, you will need the following supplies.


     All of the rocks can be painted in various shades of green and this is where I ran into my first problem. The two darker shades are good for me, but the lightest color on the smallest rock is off.  Mixing the lightest with the darkest turns into an odd green. Choose your greens carefully! Once the green is dry, paint any pattern (dots, stripes, lines, etc.) with white lines. The patterns on my rocks didn’t seem as cleanly painted as I wanted, making it problem number two.


     Paint on the rocks take a little time to dry, so while you wait, paint the pot if you’d like. However, this is problem number three for me. Black paint looks great on the planter, but picking a design can turn into a mess. Googly eyes seem fun and quirky, but the glue used to hold them can run onto the paint. You can touch up the area around the eyes, but it’s a tedious task to remove excess glue and repaint a handful of little sections.


     I wonder how I messed up such an easy DIY. I possibly rushed too much or wasn’t loving the idea halfway through. With that said, I would still recommend trying this project because the result can be a neat little accent piece for those with a lack of a green thumb. Check out my Altoids tin photo album post to see a different Pinterest result. Thanks for reading!

DIY Pinterest Success – Altoids Tin Photo Album


     Altoids Tins can be repurposed into many different ideas once they’re empty. A quick search on Pinterest provides ideas like a mini first-aid kit, a mini sewing kit, and of course, a mini photo album. Here is the one pin image that shows the idea. You can modify these tins into a mini photo album by spray paint, washi tape, scrapbook paper, etc. Here is my Altoids tin photo album.

For this project, you will need the following supplies…

For this project, I decided to cover the tin, so I started with the bottom and sides of the tin. They can be covered in washi tape or scrapbook paper to hide the nutrition information and expiration date. The top of the tin with the logo is covered with scrapbook paper and letters. M & W stand for Mozart and Winston, my two West Highland White Terriers.

     To create the inside, I recommend starting with a template to make sure the accordion photo pullout will fit. You can make the template by tracing the lid onto scrapbook paper and folding the paper back and forth. Glue the last page to the bottom inside and side of the tin. I made a small flap on the first photo to make it easier to pull the fold out of the tin.

     I printed five dog photos at the size of 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches. This left space around the photos for the background. You could fit wallet photos in the tin if you’d want your photos to be a little larger. Five photos fit on the inside of the fold out and four photos fit on the outside of the fold.


     This idea was created after my first Pinterest trial and flop – painted rock cacti. Check out that post here. If you try either idea, tag @largeandmatte in your photos. Thanks for reading!

Organization for DIY Supplies


      Baskets, bins, and boxes are just three of many ways you can organize all of your DIY supplies. Keeping your items organized can help you find what you need quicker and can make your space easier to work around. Here are 9 ideas for organizing your DIY supplies!

CD/Document Boxes – CD and document boxes are perfect for your small and flat finished projects. Boxes also work well for various supplies used in your projects.

Take-Out Containers – Food containers can become useful organizers for small items. Pringles cans work well for long, skinny items and Altoids tins can be used for sewing supplies. Take-out boxes work in similar ways.

Knit Bin – Why not put your knitting supplies in a knit bin? Place your yarn, needles, and projects all in this one bin.

Silver File Box – File boxes can be used for more than just flat files. You can take out the tracking systems on most boxes and fill the box with whatever you’d like.

Tubes – A tube organizer can be found in the bathroom organization section at The Container Store. However, it also works as a neat organizer for markers, pencils, pens, and more.

Cork Bottle & Rubber Band Ball – A simple cork bottle and a rubber band ball are two ways to organize small useful items. Rubber band balls can be easily made – like this example.

Plastic/Metal Bins – Large plastic and metal bins help organize larger supplies and project concepts. Larger bins with dividers can be used for a large amount of small items as well.

Paint Bucket – Place your paint supplies and more in a paint bucket! A clear bucket is even better to help you see all of the supplies you have before you start a new project.

Happle – Happy Apple Container – This fun Happle container is another storage option that can be found at The Container Store. Oddly shaped supplies and pieces of projects can easily fit in this container.

I hope this post gave you some ideas to help you organize your DIY Supplies! Thanks for reading!

5 DIY Binder Covers


     Trying to find the right binder for class can be difficult if you have multiple binders that are the same color. To solve that problem, you can create a binder cover that will help you sort. This DIY project contains five binder cover ideas that you can use to add some color and pop to your binders.

What You’ll Need

Here are 5 DIY Binder Covers!



     The camera binder cover is one nifty option, especially for a journalism/photography class. Print out a triangle on card stock and wrap silver washi tape along the edges. Adhere the letters to the triangle and glue the finished triangle to the scrapbook paper.



     Dots are a peppy way to add some small bursts of color to your binder. Add text by using gold adhesive letters on a strip of black card stock. Wrap gold washi tape along the edges of the cover finish off the edges.



     This triangle cover is a vibrant way to make a cover for your binders. Printing out the text for this cover saves time and gives you the option to pick from wide variety of fonts. Using silver washi tape around the text completes the look.



     A plus cover is a simplistic cover that takes little time to make. Layered card stock and black adhesive letters keep the look of this cover clean. This plus pattern to me seems like a worthy candidate for a math/science class, but could be used for any class you have.



     This cork binder cover provides several boxes of information in an organized way. Details like the location and time of your class can be added along with major deadlines for projects in the class. The whiteboard and chalkboard section could be used to work on problems or doodle during a long lecture.

     Hopefully these binder covers offer you some inspiration for your own binders. If you do make a cover, use #mattebinder to show off your design!

DIY YouTuber-Inspired Projects – Grace Helbig

     I have been a fan of Grace Helbig’s videos for a few years and I especially like her DIY videos that come out sporadically. Grace’s DIYs include t-shirts, room decor, and gifts for others. The “I’m fine” tissue box is one of the project in a video Grace has in her 2016 “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” video. She describes in the video how the tissue box could make a great gift for a friend and how simple it is to make it. All you need for the project is a cardboard tissue box cover, small mirrors, stick-on letters, and a hot glue gun. You simply apply the mirrors in a random way on the cover, place the letters on a side and place the cover over a regular box of tissues.

     To continue the theme of Grace Helbig DIYs, I purchased a few random pieces from the craft aisles of Jo-Ann Fabrics and Target. Her collection of videos offer multiple phrases that are perfect to place on the projects I will mention. Additionally, you can use words or phrases that you are inspired by, maybe another YouTuber, and apply them to the following ideas.

     The first items I am using are small canvases and easels from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I already owned the Sharpie pens that come in a metallic pack. I wrote  the phrases on the canvas with small accents around the words. You can also paint the words or images on these canvases. They make a great gift idea for those you are stumped on what to get.

     At Target, they have wooden feathers in their aisle with other craft items you can paint and write on. For this idea, I wrote the saying in pencil first and then fill in with Sharpie or paint. You can hang the feather up on the wall or place the feather by other small objects.

     Want to see another YouTuber-Inspired DIY? Mention them below and if you try these Grace Helbig – Inspired DIYs, @largeandmatte in the photos and make sure to watch Grace’s videos at