DIY Pinterest Flop – Painted Rock Cacti

     Small plants and succulents are one way to add some small, low-maintenance greenery to a space in your home. Due to my lack of a green thumb, small plants still aren’t the best option for me. The idea for painted rock cacti on Pinterest seems interesting and thought it would be a creative solution to my problem. Here is my attempt at this idea.


For this project, you will need the following supplies.


     All of the rocks can be painted in various shades of green and this is where I ran into my first problem. The two darker shades are good for me, but the lightest color on the smallest rock is off.  Mixing the lightest with the darkest turns into an odd green. Choose your greens carefully! Once the green is dry, paint any pattern (dots, stripes, lines, etc.) with white lines. The patterns on my rocks didn’t seem as cleanly painted as I wanted, making it problem number two.


     Paint on the rocks take a little time to dry, so while you wait, paint the pot if you’d like. However, this is problem number three for me. Black paint looks great on the planter, but picking a design can turn into a mess. Googly eyes seem fun and quirky, but the glue used to hold them can run onto the paint. You can touch up the area around the eyes, but it’s a tedious task to remove excess glue and repaint a handful of little sections.


     I wonder how I messed up such an easy DIY. I possibly rushed too much or wasn’t loving the idea halfway through. With that said, I would still recommend trying this project because the result can be a neat little accent piece for those with a lack of a green thumb. Check out my Altoids tin photo album post to see a different Pinterest result. Thanks for reading!


DIY Pinterest Success – Altoids Tin Photo Album


     Altoids Tins can be repurposed into many different ideas once they’re empty. A quick search on Pinterest provides ideas like a mini first-aid kit, a mini sewing kit, and of course, a mini photo album. Here is the one pin image that shows the idea. You can modify these tins into a mini photo album by spray paint, washi tape, scrapbook paper, etc. Here is my Altoids tin photo album.

For this project, you will need the following supplies…

For this project, I decided to cover the tin, so I started with the bottom and sides of the tin. They can be covered in washi tape or scrapbook paper to hide the nutrition information and expiration date. The top of the tin with the logo is covered with scrapbook paper and letters. M & W stand for Mozart and Winston, my two West Highland White Terriers.

     To create the inside, I recommend starting with a template to make sure the accordion photo pullout will fit. You can make the template by tracing the lid onto scrapbook paper and folding the paper back and forth. Glue the last page to the bottom inside and side of the tin. I made a small flap on the first photo to make it easier to pull the fold out of the tin.

     I printed five dog photos at the size of 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches. This left space around the photos for the background. You could fit wallet photos in the tin if you’d want your photos to be a little larger. Five photos fit on the inside of the fold out and four photos fit on the outside of the fold.


     This idea was created after my first Pinterest trial and flop – painted rock cacti. Check out that post here. If you try either idea, tag @largeandmatte in your photos. Thanks for reading!