DIY Pom Pom Wreath

Pom poms are fun accents that are great to add to a DIY project. You can buy a pom pom maker if you want, but it is simple to make your own with a few supplies. This project idea started when I found an article that shows how easy it is to make your own yarn pom poms. Here is how to make a DIY pom pom wreath.


Supplies you’ll need for this DIY project


To begin, I created multiple pom poms with three different colors of yarn (black, white, and gray). To start, I followed the instruction in the link I mention above. Staple two paper towel rolls together to create the medium/large sized pom poms. I wrapped yarn 100 times around the rolls for each pom pom. Slide the completed bundle of yarn off the rolls, tie a long piece of yarn down the middle, and cut the sides of the yarn bundle. Trim the yarn ball to shape it, but keep the long piece of yarn in the center.


To make the wreath, take the long strands on each individual pom pom and tie them to the circular ring shape of your choice. Hot glue is also an option if you’d prefer. To hang the wreath, simply tie a long piece of yarn to the back of the circular ring.


There are a few other wall decoration ideas I saw from DIY blogs that you could try with any leftover yarn you have. You can create a backdrop of pom poms or you can make a whole new idea like a yarn string banner. Switch out the circular ring with a wooden rod and tie the yarn and/or pom poms to the rod.

Tag @largeandmatte if you try it out this idea. Thanks for reading and good luck on your future DIYs!